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ZEDEKO Zbigniew Knapczyk

We have over 40 years of experience in electrical services field including home and industrial installations. Our electricians are licensed to work with low and medium voltage up to 15kV.

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We follow the open pricing model for our services

There are many factors influencing the final price for our services, including the complexity of the wirings and quality of elements we use. Tell us about your needs and we will give you a price estimate.

Electrician Zedeko
(5.0/5) 17 reviews

(Translated) Efficient replacement of old sockets and switches, the sockets were already old and fell out of the wall, job done flawlessly, I recommend.

(Translated) I recommend :) I have ordered ambient lighting around the ceiling, everything has been done professionally and looks nice, I can only recommend

(Translated) A good and inexpensive electrician - I had a strange fault in the rented apartment, the bathroom bulb would burn out shortly after switching on, quickly diagnosed and repaired the fault.

ZEDEKO Zbigniew Knapczyk
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